Goldenfish Gallery and  Framing

Medal framing

Be proud of your medals, be proud of your relative's medals. Whether they are military medals, sporting medals or medals awarded for some other activity, they are awarded because of service, sacrifice or achievement and as such deserve to be displayed.

Bring your medals to Goldenfish and I will help you choose a layout that suites all your requirements.

Small postcard sized black and white photos often blow up to A4 size witout loss of sharpness. This makes a good size for framing as with this WWII sailor from HMS Exeter.

These are some WWII medals with a picture and a copy of his war record from the far east - one of the medals is the Star of Burma.

Choose a layout  and colour scheme for your  medals. This can include photographs and documents in order to tell a story. These are the WWI medals of two friends one of whom was killed in action.